Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Beat Goes On

Well, Roxie’s all clean and cut, although she put up a fuss at the groomer’s. She hates being away from her dad. Good thing she’s got that new friend next door.

As you may have seen, Mr. Walker stopped by. He cleared up my confusion, which is great. I am grateful that those questions of mine were answered, but I still have a problem with the Reconstructionist motivation for committing this crime. Let me try another way of explaining my sincere doubt...

Think of it this way. Let’s say I worship Roxie’s green frog toy. But, Roxie keeps it in her bed, under lock and key (it's under the pillow she lays on). If I take it, she’ll hound me ‘til I give it back.

I hatch a plan. The green frog toy should be free, for everyone to play with. It’s a sophisticated plan – I distract Roxie with some snacks in another room, and I crack her defenses (she hides it underneath her pillow), and rescue the Green Frog Toy!

Only to throw it as hard as I can into the ocean.

That would be the Reconstructionist plan. They “rescue” the object of their worship, something they can’t live without. But, instead of putting it someplace safe, they ship it off to somewhere where no one will ever get to it?

Which brings us back to the initial question: Either it’s not the Reconstructionists, or Mr. Kiteway has been duped to believe travel between Earth and Perplex City is currently impossible. In either case, to consider the Recons the #1 suspects is a hasty conclusion, especially since it's quite convenient for the fanatics to be the ones to commit such a crime. It's not to say these cultists aren't a few pennies short of a dollar, but the way this crime has thus far played out, it just doesn't fit with what they claim to want from the "Cube."

But, who else would dare have the motivation? Someone who knows what the “cube” is for, who also happens to be on Earth, here. That someone paid the would-be Perplexon thieves to get it OUT of Perplex City and down to here, Earth. That someone could, in theory, just be waiting ‘til the days cool down to do whatever it is he or she wants to do with it.

Or, even worse, is getting whatever he or she needs from the “Receda Cube” as we speak (and dream up dog toy scenarios).

I think finding out what this “Receda Cube” can actually do, other than look pretty, will really help narrow things down. It’s too bad my own source is unwilling to divulge that information to me.

By the way, Jamal was nice enough to come by today and take a look at my central air set-up. This humidity kills my joints! He looked around for a little while, and thought maybe something got caught in the vents. We talked a little bit about my case, and he was surprised people were stumbling upon my corner of the internet. "Blame my niece," I told him. She said no one ever finds these things. I guess that’s a testament to the rising stakes of this hunt.

And I’m still writing the ad I'm gonna put in the paper for an assistant. How’s this:

“Astute, organized, and patient lad or lass looking to help solve crimes with old geezer? Contact Jimmy Leahy at - ”

Well, I am a geezer.

Headache setting in. I better pop my pills, let out Roxie, and hit the hay for now. Hopefully the Sentinel publishes my letter. I think Perplexans need to hear what I had to say. Especially Sylvia.

Goodnight, E.


At 6:42 AM, Blogger Lyle said...

Hi Jimmy, me again.

Your right - it doesn't make sense for the Recons to do a thing like that, and we are currently following a lead from the late Mr. Salk that has given us info on the team behind the theft. No doubt you've noticed the changes to perplexcity.com, most of the recent acivity is logged under 'Story So Far'.

You mentioned finding help, other than Jamal - I think this is a great idea! I only really speak about the Cube online, as sadly few people are interested in Perplex City (depite my best efforts), so someone local to discuss it with you would be ideal. In fact, I belive there are a few peeps from Unfiction that are in your neck of the woods - I'll put you in touch if you like.

Best of luck finding allies!



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