Saturday, July 16, 2005

Crypto Case File

It’s Saturday, during the day here, and I didn’t sleep very well. There’s one hurdle I think I’ve overcome, even if it’s in my own head – where is Perplex City?

Jamal, my neighbor, just left after having spent some time over here with me talking about my not-so-secret case. I felt comfortable in talking to him about it, because to a regular person, this probably sounds ludicrous. A city, that doesn’t exist on Earth, needs our help to find something stolen from it and brought here.

So, we started talking, and newlywed Jamal is much more open to these ideas than I am, but he first brought up the notion of a parallel universe. Something out of Star Trek! He then grew extremely excited about the notion that there was now evidence of such a reality running at the same time as ours. He started asking me questions at a furious pace. “Are our scientists on this?” “Is this in the news?” “Is it our duty to bring to the attention of the country?” But, he then settled down. In a moment, he no longer believed it, and he actually thought I was being had, being tricked. This would be a pretty sophisticated trick, I told him. Besides, I had something… well, all I can say is that I’m sure this is all real. But, Jamal is right – this is too unbelievable as of yet for the majority of the people here. I can’t imagine what my niece would say if I got into the details of this, although I guess she knows where to find my weblog…

But, the truth is, I’m too old to figure out how this is all happening. And, since all we get are emails or telephone contact, this will be seen as just simply people goofing off or whatever. The truth is, though, it’s not fiction. This isn’t a story. Real people – people like you and me – are dying, and this Cube is the core of it. Maybe once that Cube is finally found, people will wake up. But, my job isn’t to enlighten people about this – that’ll happen on its own, when this is all over. For now, my job is to put the pieces of this puzzle together.

So, let’s open my casefile, to reveal my current thoughts. A lot of attention is on this religious cult they have up there, the Brotherhood of the Six. More specifically, 6 folks occupy the minds of us Earthen investigators – Ms. Nadia Anek, Ms. Aiko Entrescore, Mr. Demetri Fallon, Mr. Ryan Klein, Mr. Keenan Thoreau and Mr. Gill Yewley. But, why? Sure, these folks have been up to fishy stuff in the past, but they worship this Cube. Why put it in a place where they can’t get to it?

Which leads me to believe that Mr. Kiteway – and the general claim of Perplexans as a whole – that there’s no way to physically go from one place to another isn’t true. The Cube was moved, wasn’t it? Someone knows how to move things from one place to another - maybe not Mr. Kiteway himself, but the first place to look for an innovation like that would be his house of geniuses.

But, what confuses this old fart is why would this cult, who worships the Cube, send it away? To hide it to retrieve later? That’d be quite foolish and considering the sophistication of the crime, these lads and lasses aren't dummies. It’d be foolish because the search on Earth will never end. Hell, they recruited a whole planet to find it!! These cultists had to know that would happen, if they indeed are the culprits. Although they will have a tab in my folder permanently, I’m not entirely sold on them as robbers who ship their product away from them. If the Brotherhood stole the Cube, then it’s nowhere on Earth – they have it in their possession back in Perplex City, to worship and do whatever it is they want to do with it, and concocted this whole Earth-transfer story. Which would take some work, considering there are numerous people in the know who are positive it’s here, one being Mr. Kiteway.

No, my curiosity lies in something more risky, more dangerous, but something I feel I should share today. Anyone else notice the Earth military interaction? I lost the reference, but I remember reading something in the Sentinel about a Earth military person dropping them a lead or a hint in a related investigation. Just recently, a Earth military person by the name of Peter Walker was quite interested in the PCAG games. Not that we shouldn’t take an interest in our sister, uh, dimension (?), but he had quite an interest. If Mr. Walker happens across this blog of mine, I’d be interested to know how closely does he follow Perplex City?

Do not be offended, Mr. Walker, but I now have 2 tabs in my folder.

Goodnight, E.


At 12:06 PM, Blogger PFC. Peter Walker said...

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At 12:16 PM, Blogger PFC. Peter Walker said...

xsend-to: Jimmy Leahy ( )
xsend-from: PFC Peter Walker ( UNSM-255B-10359.apocalypso.UNSCchat via )
xtrans-version: xtrans-version: UNSC Secure Chatter Protocol v3.92.065 build 1015c Custom

+start of line+

Dear Mr Leahy:

In regards to Perplex City:

I have been following it sporadically for some time now. I was, however, unaware of certain recent developments (for example, the publishing of my critique of the actions of the Alliance for Clean Players during Myra Champaign's first match in the Perplex City Academy Games - actions which, I might add, were disruptive and a perfect example of poor sportsmanship, which is the reason why I recommended that Ms Champaign be permitted a rematch).

I admit that I was the relay for the information that connected Ms Aiko Entrescore, Mr Ryan Klein, Mr Keenan Thoreau, and Mr Gill Yewley (amongst others) to the Reconstructionist movement in Perplex City. However, the information itself was encoded in a text file that another Perplexian - one Violet Kiteway, daughter of Dr Sente Kiteway, the Master of Perplex City Academy - discovered on a 'key' in a nearby Reconstructionist compound.

The encoding used on the aforementioned file turned out to be the Befunge programming language, and by running the text file through a Befunge parser, certain of my associates at UnFiction Cryptanalysis were able to retrieve the message contained therein.

As Ms Entrescore was working with Dr Kiteway on the Acdemy's Cube Retrieval Project, I felt it best to inform him that Ms Entrescore was a potential security risk, as the Reconstructionsists firmly believe that the missing Receda Cube should not be in the hands of the "heathen Academy" (sic), and some of them are so devoted to this belief as to be comparable to the fanatics of terrorist organizations such as Hizb-i-Allah (also known as Hezbollah) and al-Qaidah.

If there's anything else you'd like to discuss, please do hot hesitate to contact me.

PFC Peter Walker
255 UNSC Marine Btln
Late of UNSCRV Apocalypso
Earth, 2005

+end of line+

At 7:41 PM, Blogger Jimmy Leahy said...

Thank you, Mr. Walker, for stopping by. I am most grateful for clearing up my confusion. My memory doesn’t work as well as it used to. I apologize if I appeared to be a bit accusatory – it’s hard for me to be anything less than direct when I write things on this weblog thing. You can also understand my reasoning for keeping this record of my search public – it seems the forces behind this may be quite dangerous, especially for a man of my age.

If anything else does cross my mind, I’ll be sure to find you.


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