Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Happy Card Day!

It’s amazing what we gotta put up with. In L.A. alone, we’ve got highway shootings, a 70-year-old bank robber, and everyone waiting for the next “big quake.”

Here I am trying to solve a crime by using the internet.

Oh, and cards. With puzzles on ‘em.

Today was supposed to be the official “release” date, but for me and Roxie, here, we’re going to have to wait a little longer to get our hands on them.

Sometimes, I wonder if this is all real. I put the difficult questions of, oh, where is Perplex City, in the back of my head, because the answer to that truly could change our world as we know it. And the cube? Whatever it is, I don’t think it’s simply a pretty paperweight. This thing is dangerous, to say the least, and the sooner we return this cube to its rightful owner, the better I’ll feel.

Which begs the question – who is the rightful owner of the Receda Cube?

Again, getting ahead of myself.

Pietro Salk was murdered. It hasn’t been said yet, out loud, by his late wife, or anyone else in authority, but take it from a guy that has seen this before – this has foul play written all over it. He was murdered because someone with information contacted him, and somehow he got found out. He was close to something big. Poor Pietro – he didn’t realize how big the stakes have gotten.

Fortunately, wise Pietro knew this as well, and gave us a least a place to start to find out who did this to him. But, there are still some locked areas that contain more information.

I e-mailed his late wife today. Obviously, I expressed my condolences, but also asked for her assistance. She may decline, since this is a very difficult time for her and her family. Believe me, I know. Even after 2 years, it’s still hard every now and then.

But, if she can help me – us – out, she will. And her husband should get justice. It doesn’t look like the Perplex City P.D. is looking too hard into this case, so it’s going to be up to us to help bring Mrs. Salk and all that knew Pietro some closure.

Roxie met the new neighbor’s dog today. Roxie’s a mixed breed – part lab, part rottweiler, part Doberman - friendliest girl in the world. She has a new friend, a Scottish Terrier named Mulligan. The neighbor’s are a nice newlywed couple, and we watched our dogs run and play in the sand for most of the afternoon. It was nice.

Be well.

Goodnight E.


At 2:46 AM, Blogger Lyle said...

So good to have you on board with the rest of us Cube-searchers Jimmy, this is gonna truly be one great experience. Come over to Unfiction anytime if you havn't already, your detective background would be widly welcomed.



At 11:58 AM, Blogger Jimmy Leahy said...

Thanks, Lyle! My niece should give me a hand tomorrow figuring that site out, although I've read over some stuff already. I got some ideas, too, so I'll see ya there.



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