Sunday, July 24, 2005

La La Land...

I gotta be open and honest, right?

There was recently some hub-bub over my little corner of the internet here. I have to say, I’m surprised anyone found this at all. But, strangely enough, people felt I had ulterior motives for posting this weblog. One person thought I was trying to take over the "game" – take attention away from the matter at hand (I first thought it was a hint that my old partner from the force, Jack Potter, was somehow mixed up in this, too).

First of all, I had a hard time with this "game" aspect myself. It’s a lot easier to grasp the concept of another city that doesn’t exist on earth if you call it a "game." But, that illusion was shattered, at least for me, with Pietro Salk’s death. This isn’t a "game" to Sylvia and her family, is it? I can’t think of it as one anymore, either.

Secondly, the purpose of this weblog is for my own protection. People may still be wondering why I feel so threatened in this search. I’m a 61-year-old man, and while Roxie may look intimidating, she would just wag her tail at an intruder. As things develop, and especially if I find the Cube, I’m sure my visitors will increase. A public record of an internet search that’s on the internet seemed to me the best way to do this.

But, there is good reason to be suspicious of me. I haven’t been completely open and honest with my weblog, and if I’m doing this solely for my own protection, I should start by telling the truth.

If I find the Cube… I may not return it to Perplex City.

There are a lot of reasons, but when I first got the call, about a month ago now, I laughed. My employer, who has to go unnamed due to our confidentiality agreement, explained to me about the search for the Receda Cube. I thought this was all ridiculous, to be honest. He then told me the award was $200,000 if the Cube is returned to Perplex City and Mr. Kiteway.

He was going to pay me double to give it to him.

But nothing upfront. He’s given me a little information, like the bit about the Cube being in Southern California, and I fell for it, although I now realize that’s probably not true – a promise to get me on board. You see, I have a medical condition, right now, that prohibits me from flying on an airplane. So, there’s going to be problems if I figure out the Cube is in Paraguay.

So, I have a promise from Perplex City to give it back to them for $200,000, and the people that are "helping" me are supposedly going to pay me more to hand it over to them instead.

What is this Cube?

So there it is. No more half-truths or sugar-coating. I have to be honest, if I do find the Cube, I want to know what it does before I hand it over. There’s too much going on and too much happening for me just to let this thing pass out of my hands before I know what it is. I hope anyone else out there who may beat me to it would think to do the same. As for me, I honestly don’t know what I’ll do if and when I find this thing…

Thank you to Mr. Appletron for stopping in – he wants to be my assistant and come to Berkeley? Well, I have to apologize. I found someone. She’s real nice and real energetic, and I think my first order of business for her will be to get access to this weblog thing as well. I hate typing on this thing. As for Berkeley… I don’t have much else to do, so I may drive up there still. Maybe I can ask my new assistant to do it!

Roxie’s doing fine, and Jamal came over again to check my sink. He’s a real handy man, and I’m lucky to have him as a neighbor.

So, just to state once more, and for the final time, I never intended this to be seen by the fellow hunters, or "gamers." I am, in no way, trying to co-op attention, distract, or confuse others, although that would probably help stall their efforts in order for me to get to the Cube first. The focus is Perplex City, the lost Cube and those that are dying (my mistake, I meant "murdered") over it. If others want to check on me, they know where to find me, and maybe my old gears will provoke thought on their end, just as I hope their talk on the forums provoke thought for me. I can very easily be ignored, and that would be almost preferable, but that was the other side of the coin for doing this weblog. But, don’t be surprised if I try to get to the bottom of some questions through the Perplex City channels. For example, my next post will reveal my contents of my letter to the paper.

Open and honest… this could be bad.

Goodnight, E.


At 11:30 AM, Blogger appleTRON said...

Too bad, Jimmy ... but thanks for thinking about me. We coulda been a contender. In other news, this is interesting about your employer. I assume you're not going to reveal any sources as of yet, but I hope you'll include your fellow cube-hunters on any leads.

At 10:53 AM, Blogger PFC. Peter Walker said...

xsend-to: Jimmy Leahy ( )
xsend-from: PFC Peter Walker ( UNSM-255B-10359.apocalypso.UNSCchat via )
xtrans-version: UNSC Secure Chatter Protocol v3.92.065 build 1015c Custom

+start of line+

Dear Mr Leahy:

One of my associates at UnFiction Cryptanalysis has been in contact with Kurt Mcallister, who, as I recall, works on the Academy Cube Retrieval Team.

Recently, we learned from communications logs kept by the late Pietro Salk that some scientific equipment had been stolen from the Perplex City Academy, and had been confiscated by the Perplex City Police Department as evidence pertaining to the murder of Bernardo Holyoke, owner of the Five of Cups pub.

Amongst this equipment were Kelbold plates and a Reynolds ioniser. The associate in question - Stacy - contacted Kurt, asking what these devices did (in very general terms, as there are prohibitions on providing Earth reisdents with detailed information on how advanced devices such as the aforementioned Klebold plates work).

Here is Mr Mcallister's reply:

Hi Stacy,

Hope you're keeping well. I haven't been able to find out a Reynolds ioniser does (other than what all ionisers do, of course - ionise stuff) but I managed to dig up something on Klebold plates. Klebold plates are experimental prototype devices, constructed to make highly accurate physical measurements in 3D. I know that's vague and it doesn't say anything about how they work, but it's the most I can tell you.

I hope this helps!


My theory is that the persons who stole the cube may have planned to use the stolen Klebold plates as well, in order to fabric a highly accurate replica of the Receda Cube, down to the smallest detail, and then placed the replica somewhere where it would easily be found, that way keeping the Cube safe.

I still suspect the Reconstructionists of being involved in this case, but I do not believe they acted alone. someone with connections to the Academy - logically someone with either high security clearances or the skill to override the security measures - would have been needed to acquire the Klebold plates for scanning the Cube. Ms Aiko Entrescore is a likely candidate, as she was apparently perceived as extremely trustworthy and would likely have known people who had the proper securioty clearances if she herself didn't.

I will keep you posted on what else we learn as best I can.

PFC. Peter Walker
255 UNSC Marine Btln
Late of UNSCRV Apocalypso

+end of line+


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