Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sleeping In...

All right, my niece got me all together with the forum stuff. I just hope I remember the passwords. So, I’ll be interjecting more of my thoughts over there as well as here, to keep the minds working not just on puzzles, but the big one!

I just finished my letter to the Sentinel. I guess I’ll wait to see if they publish it. I’d like its contents to speak for itself, especially the announcement, but if not, I’ll do it here. It has to do with Pietro Salk. And his murder. I’ve seen enough unsolved murders in my day – I’m through seeing a family get torn to shreds over unanswered questions. I won’t let it happen again. Not after what I went through.

Geez, look at me. I’m yelling at my computer – as if you can hear me ranting here. I think there’s something wrong with my air conditioning – although it’s pretty comfortable along the ocean here, my joints can’t take even 80 degree weather some days. I’ll have to tinker with it tomorrow.

I’m also considering hiring an assistant. Back in Chicago, I had a whole team of folks – I paid people to do what you guys on those forums are doing. Cracking things, tracing, keeping things organized. You should see my dining room table right now. Roxie doesn’t even come near it, cuz she knows one tail wag and all those papers hit the ground! But, if I’m to find this Cube myself, which is part of the reason I’m doing this, I need someone to do my legwork. Due to recent events, I’m able to afford one. I’ll put an ad in the paper! Or, call up the college campus, the one my niece attends! Maybe they got some criminal justice kid that needs some internship credits.

Well, I better go. Roxie’s getting her haircut tomorrow, so I have to be up before the van gets here for her, plus there’s my meeting. Keep searching, folks!

And, goodnight, E!


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