Friday, July 15, 2005

Where to look...

Sorry I didn’t get to post last night, but my guests kept me up past my bedtime, and I was simply too tired to write. The Robbins are great fun, but boy, do they like to ask questions!

First, thank you to Lyle, all the way in the UK, for stopping by. I have “surfed”, as they say, those webpages, but has of yet been unable to figure out how to post on there. My niece is coming over on Sunday to check up on me, so I’ll coax her into helping me get a logon and password for that site.

I must admit, as I said before, math and deciphering ain’t my strong point. I’m still going to order those cards (again, I might need my niece’s assistance there since I can’t go to a store out here and get ‘em), but my strong point is the crime. The logic of the mistakes, or lack thereof. With the unusual circumstances of our two, uhm… worlds… Mr. Kiteway designed these cards to help our minds think like theirs. So, I think the puzzles on the cards are puzzles of themselves – meaning, they’re meant to stir our mind, lead us on the mental journey the thieves were on. Pretty deep for an old man, huh?

I’ve officially begun my casefile, and as necessary, I will share what I have in there on to the internet. Which is unusual, considering most PI’s will keep their work to themselves, because anything made public could tip off their suspects. But, as you all know, this is an unusual case, so I think talking out loud, er... write out loud my theories and speculation and evidence that I obtain will aid in the collective efforts. I’ll share as much as I can, as I do have some restrictions currently beyond my control, but that’ll be worked out as time goes by.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’ll be in on the card games, the tools Mr. Kiteway gave us to get into the minds of the criminals. But, I can’t guarantee I’ll be of much help. But, you can be certain I’ll be tackling it from my angle, the same approach I approached all my cases over the years – with thought.

Back in my days, both in the uniform and out, I’d go to one of a couple of bars in my hometown of Chicago, take a seat at the far end, order a tall one, and just sip and think. The who, what, where and why. I’d be a crappy profiler, though – I don’t assume things about a criminal. Whatever their reasons are – especially involving a murder – there is a reason that makes sense to them, and in my experience, the type of people that do this doesn't fit into a scientific formula. Once you figure the reason, though, the rest unfolds like a hastily made burrito. And in this case, where I don’t have a crime scene or any physical pieces of evidence to roll around in my hands, this is truly all in my head.

I hate being in my head too long, especially with what happened to Pietro. If I were on the PCPD, I’d be demanding to be on this case, since it appears to be sitting on someone's desk right now collecting dust. I just might write to the Sentinel about it. To not suspect foul play is to be blind, to say the least. Those detectives better get on this, or else we’re going to see more die – and not just in Perplex City.

On a side note, Jamal has taken quite an interest in my little case. Jamal and Amanda Robbins – my neighbors with the Scottie, Mulligan. They moved in a week ago, and even though their house is still in disarray, they had me over for a meal last night. Of course, I brought Roxie with! Jamal works as a bank branch manager for Washington Mutual (they’re everywhere out here!). His wife, Amanda, works at one of the elder patient care facilities here in Santa Monica. We have quite a bit of those. I asked her if I’m elderly enough to live there! She laughed, but she said it’s quite nice for those who need constant care. I’ll be there someday. But, they pried my recent history out of me, and whatever I share with you, I sure can share with them. Jamal is particularly interested, and he may come over and look at some things tomorrow. The more the merrier, right?

I received a response from Sylvia. She thanked me for the wishes, but she's not answering anything personally right now. Understandable. But, just so she knows, my offer is still on the table.

Well, I really must get to bed – too much excitement these days for my old bones. Maybe I’ll ask my niece to show me how to put a picture of Roxie up on the site, here.

Goodnight, E.


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