Thursday, August 11, 2005

Claims and disclaims

First, as you keen observers I’m sure see, I’ve had to put up a little disclaimer on my blog here. Mr. A. had consulted with his legal department, and he thought that was necessary for my own protection, but I think it also protects him. At any rate, it should be clear now to any outside observer my intentions with this blog.

I found out that I can give Penelope her own login and password. I also should show her where the Spellcheck button is – college ain’t what it used to be, eh?

I also decided that my letter to the Sentinel may never get published, and that Sylvia may never read my email, so I’ll just go ahead and make the formal announcement here, on the small chance she hears of this and also to have a record of my intentions.

I am offering my services, free of charge, to find the murderer of Pietro Salk.

Now, obviously, for all us Cube-searchers here on Earth, the path of Pietro’s mysterious demise (and by mysterious I mean malicious), intersects the search for the Cube, just as Fran Mendling’s murderer will likewise be connected.

But, Sylvia shouldn’t have to wait a year or two to find the culprit. For me, personally, Pietro’s murder matters more to me than anything.

I know how it is to lose a loved one. I know how it is to lose a spouse.

So, clearly, I don’t have all the things I would normally need as a criminologist here, but there are some things none of us have right now at all – information. Details. I really think if I had the chance to ask Sylvia some questions, provided she takes me up on my offer, that she could give me (and I would probably ask for some help) some more clues to track down more leads. Right now, we’re at a stand-still as far as information goes on anything, and as my scathing letter I sent to the Perplex City Sentinel goes into a little more detail about my issues with the PCPD, but I want to help her and family directly.

The offer is there, and hopefully the Sentinel will help broadcast it to the Salk family.

One last thing. I’ve gotten some messages recently (or, to be more accurate, questions), regarding the tip that Mr. A. gave me about L.A. being the home of the Receda Cube. For me, I needed to know that this case was solvable for someone like me. I can’t travel that far at all these days, which is why Penelope will come over from time to time when I have some bits of clues and leads I want her to follow up on for me when it requires some heavy traveling. I only said “yes” that day to Mr. A. because he told me the Cube was in L.A. But, given my growing knowledge (and lack thereof) of good ol’ Mr. A., and add in the collective speculation I was a part of on the Unfiction site about how this Cube may be accessible in more than one spot (my brain hurts when I think about it, though), I’m beginning to think that the reason I got into all of this in the first place may be completely false.

But I’m too wrapped up in this to leave now.

It’s not even the monetary award. No, it’s the Salks. It’s the Mendlings. And it’s the perps that think people’s lives are just theirs to be used and manipulated. These criminals need to be caught and stopped. These families need closure.

I do like money, Mr. A. I just may not like yours.

As always, Roxie says hi.

Goodnight, E.


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