Thursday, August 25, 2005

New friends...

Just got back from the vet hospital. I wanted the doc to take a good look at Roxie, make sure she was all right. It was a crazy weekend… well, I should start from the beginning, I guess.

Thursday night, I posted my thing on the thing here, and Roxie was nowhere to be found. I figured she was off playing. I ended up not being able to wait for her to come back, so I left the door facing the water ajar and went to bed, assuming I’d be awaken in the morning by a tongue licking my face.

Friday morning came, and still no Roxie. I called next door, and I talked with Amanda. She hadn’t seen Roxie, and she didn’t know where she might be.

Friday came and went, and still no Roxie.

Saturday I was frantic. I called Penelope, I called Jamal and Amanda, I even called… well, another old friend in the area. I wanted a search party started. I searched as much as my body would let me, then got to work on my computer here on fliers. I couldn’t eat, sleep, do ANYTHING all weekend.

Sunday night, I was beside myself, when I heard the doorbell ring. I heard tires screech and I wheeled to the door as fast I could. I opened it, and there was Roxie, sitting on my doorstep. She stumbled in, and I was relieved. The search was called off, everything was fine, and Roxie looked OK. I should've remembered my life these past couple of months...

So, once the excitement calmed down and the neighbors left, I noticed the thin string tied around Roxie’s neck like a collar. It was extremely thin. There was a plastic separating (or holding) piece and realized it was actually a piece of paper rolled real thin. I unraveled it. It read:

“We’re reading. And watching. If you can’t find the dog, how can you find the Cube?”

I took Roxie to the vet, and that’s where it’s at now. I’m not sure the next step… not even sure I want this to go on.

I mean, this is all ridiculous anyways! This isn’t real! Someone’s trying to fool with me, thought it was funny to tease an old man who’s believing this silly tale of some Cube that fell from the sky hundreds of years ago and landing in Perplex City – a city which doesn’t exist on the planet Earth, mind you – and that it’s now here and everywhere at the same time, and I have to find it by buying cards.

And Mrs. Salk has yet to respond, which leads me further to believe this is all some sick game Mr. A. made up. Maybe it’s my old colleagues from Chicago, messin’ with an old man in California.

I’m not losing Roxie too, especially after something as ridiculous as all of this! I even had to pretend I’m not me so that everyone didn’t think I was in on this Cube thing! I’m tired of the lies, tired of the puzzles, and tired of being tricked and fooled.

I’m done.

Whoever you are... you won.


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