Thursday, August 18, 2005

Slow-livin' by the beach...

Sorry for the slow-down in updates. I’ve been real tired lately. See, I have diabetes, among other things, and there are some days where I just have no energy at all. Ever since I came back from my hospital stay, I’ve been real tired. Penelope’s been over to help out a little, but she’s real busy. Luckily, Jamal and Amanda have been helping me with Roxie. But, today I felt better, and wanted to get out my thoughts.

It’s sad to admit, but I still haven’t gotten any cards yet. I know, I know, but what’s an old fogey to do when he can’t just drive to Berkeley. Penelope keeps promising she’ll show me how to do go online and order it, but she's busy with the upcoming school year, her "junir" year as she puts it. I guess I could ask Jamal, but I’ve asked too much from him and his wife as it is. If only a store was closer to me… Heck, I might even go there myself if one was in the LA area!

Something went wrong again with my central air. I think this time I’m calling a real repairman. Not to put anything against Jamal, but there’s one vent in my room that doesn’t seem to cool things off at all. The joys of being a home owner, huh?

Although I haven’t been in the internet that much lately, I have a pretty extensive notebook filled with my scribbles and scratches about this case. Both cases, actually. I have ideas for Pietro Salk’s wife, and also about the Cube. I’m going to take the weekend to go through it and put it up on here for all 5 of you to see!

I also have some crazy kids in the neighborhood now. Earlier this afternoon, while taking my mid-afternoon nap (as opposed to my early or late afternoon naps), I was woken up by someone ringing my doorbell constantly. I moved as fast as these old bones could, but by the time I got to the door, the ringing had stopped! Roxie was goin’ nuts and I was out of breath.

These days, anything makes me jumpy.

I still haven’t heard from Mr. Salk’s widow, and maybe she’ll never respond. But, before I even touch the Cube, I want to find his killer for her and her family. Do the job the Perplex City PD is grossly not doing. And that is finding the perp that did this!

Roxie’s been out all day, but I’m sure she’ll be back shortly. Sometimes, she plays with a dog further on down the beachfront here, but it is getting a little late. I’m sure she’ll be back, and of course, she gives a bark or two for my weblog.

Goodnight, E.


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