Sunday, August 21, 2005

Trouble on the Beach, yo!

So, like, what would you do? My bf is such an idiot sometimes, I’m like, WHY am I with him? I dunno, he’s cool an stuff, but he can be a real butthole. Like, Jimmy calls me up at, like 2 in the morning last night, and I’m all, EWW, old man booty call. But, no, he’s all, My dog didn’t come home, blah blah. I’m all, what?

Anyways, all I wanted was my bf to drive me to Santa Monica. I, like, have a JOB with Jimmy now, for Jesus sake! He was bein’ all, dude, you know how much gas is nowadays. Take the bus. I was all…. UH!

So, like, my friends are like, Dump his ass, and all, but I’m like, No, just drive me to Santa Monica. Oh, right, Roxie.

Yeah, they found him and stuff. They don’t know where he was, but he showed up at the Robbins next door. They, like, never work – they’re ALWAYS there. Anyways, whatever, then this repairman guy shows up to look at Jimmy’s c3ntral air. I’m all, like, Dude, don’t be such a grandpa – it’s like 70 down here. Jimmy just laughs and stuff, and I’m like, OK, whatever, DON’T listen to me. I’m only going to college.

So, I’m really thinking about not taking my bf to the Start of School Bash ’05 my sorority puts on every year. Get it, the ’05 stands for this year, like 2005? Like, it’s a big deal, but If he won’t even drive me to my job and stuf, then I’m like, whatever. Its next weekend an stuff when all the freshies show up.

I gotta get me one of thses for myself. I had one last year, but it got lame cuz some guy just wrote ‘poop’ like a hunderd times in the comments,and it was really annoying.. but I’m all vented and stuff. The dog’s cool, too, btw. I’m sure jimmy will get on here this later and go over it all again , but he was up all weeken so he’s, like, in bed, and I get to take Roxie to the house this week! The girls will LOVE her!!!

Laterz. The Bravery ROXORS! Hes like the new elvis with his hair and stuff!1!1!!



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